Union Status: SAG | AFTRA | Fi-Core


When clients and producers work with Judith Knowles, the most consistent description they have for her is; easy to direct.  The smooth versatility she brings to her voicework is due to her ability to connect with her audience & understand the message she's delivering.  Judith is also known for her great attitude and professionalism.  Her work ethic shines in every project.  If a quick turnaround is what you need, Judith is highly accessible & provides top quality work in her cutting edge studio in less than 24 hours!


Vocal Qualities:

Friendly & Trustworthy

Confident & Professional

Warm & Comforting

Cool & Edgy

Flirty & Sultry


Commercial Specialties:

Business, Retail, Health and Beauty, Travel & Entertainment, Promos & PSA's.

Other Specialties: IVR/Telephony, Corporate narration, Infommercials


Voiceover Training:

Advanced Voiceover Workshop; Veronica Weikel

Commercial Workshop: Val Mamches

TV/Film Animation Voiceover; Joey Paul

Advanced Actor's Workshop; Warren Robertson

Camera Smart Actor's Lab; Richard Brestoff

Actor's Presence: Mark Jenkins

Advanced Drama; Cornell University

Broadcast Communications Degree; Washington State University


Happy Clients: